The last decade has produced many state of the art anti–aging treatments and products that promise to restore and repair our appearance and skin. While many people have experienced positive results, the latest breakthrough in skincare brought to us by Dr Mark Doyle’s CURE SKIN CARE, changes the way we treat our skin – with outstanding results.


Cure Skin Care works at a much deeper level - treating the dermis of our skin not just the surface or epidermis.


This revolutionary yet common sense approach to skin health and restoration is based on the knowledge that, whilst symptoms of aging and skin conditions such as rosacea appear on the surface of the skin, the damage is actually deeper down in the dermis.



Many of us have used AHA’s, glycolic (fruit acid) peels and daily exfoliation to remove the “dead cells” on the surface of our skin - forcing our skin to work hard to repair itself. We then apply skincare products that, on average, only penetrate the dermis by just 2%. The remaining 98% of these products sit on the surface of the skin and we experience a temporary plumping of the skin – fooling us into believing our skin is healthier when it’s not. In fact we have only successfully stripped away the surface – our natural defence to the sun and environment making us more susceptible to premature aging.



Dr Doyle’s’ Cure Skin Care does not traumatise the surface (epidermis) as it is actually absorbed into the dermis where the true repair and restoration of the skin takes place. Cure Skin Care uses the latest technology science has to offer and contains the most active natural ingredients that are liposome coated, ensuring penetration of Cure’s ingredients by 1000 percent! So with our skin’s natural defence barrier intact as well as real absorption of ingredients, Dr Doyle’s CURE then works on remodeling the dermis. Sun spots, pigmentation and wrinkles can now be treated and repaired at the deepest level and in the most effective way - from the inside out.


CURE SKIN CARE medicine for the skin by Dr Mark Doyle – Plastic Surgeon.


Dr Mark DoyleDr Doyle first became passionate about developing a skin care range while treating patient’s sun damaged, aged and problematic skin. While the epidermis (surface) of his patients skin needed treatment, often the most significant damage was below the surface of their skin. Developing a skin care treatment range that would restore and repair not only his patients skin but also improve their general well being and happiness, self esteem and confidence became Dr Doyle’s primary concern.


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